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12:21 PM

hhahaha.. I haven't been posting for awhile now.. I'm bored .. and I have nothing to do .. Mabye I should create another blog for .. something .. URGHHHHHHHHHHH............... BOREEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!

BOREDOM.SUCKS.=.= I wish they create a movie about it .

Anyway , I'm gonna watch Harry Pother Deathly?? Hallows or something.. Part I !! :) This Wednesday ~~~~~weeee


► Zerania;3Ann

4:34 PM

Vote SHINee as the Best Dance Performance (Male Group) in Mnet Asian Music Awards! www.2010mama.com

Must vote or die ..........


► Zerania;3Ann

10:37 AM


I hate you , you fking b*tch , from the start.
You made my friends and my life , worse.
You put the blame on others.
You're acting is "VERY GOOD" but you can't fool me.
You suck and i'm glad that we haven't met for months.
If you can't tell it, just say it.
You're really annoying me, just admit it.

>< :P

► Zerania;3Ann

1:11 PM

WOOTS ! Finally here .. The Late Night Expansion of Sims 3 !!!!

YAYYYYYYYYY ! Banzaii !!!!!!!!!!!!!

:) Haha , It includes Vampires too <3 yay ..

I love Twilight so much ><

Jacob & Edward = Mine >:)


► Zerania;3Ann

1:06 PM

~All hail OS~


► Zerania;3Ann

1:03 PM

Happy Halloween everyone especially to Otaku-Streamers & to NVSS !!

Trick or treat??


► Zerania;3Ann

3:35 PM

~Halloween is tmr !! :) So Do you guys have any things on tomorrow ?

:3 Well , for me , I will just stay home and sleep :S


► Zerania;3Ann
Gelli Ann

Anime ; SHINee ((Forevver)


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